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Donations are considered gifts to the shard and are not for any tangible items or merchandise. When you are donating to the shard you are giving money to support a hobby gaming site, not purchasing anything of real actual value. *All doations are non-refundable*

If you would like to donate to keep our shard alive you can. $5 donations will be awarded with 50 EVD's, $10 donations will be awarded with 100 EVD's, $20 donations will be awarded 200 EVD's, etc...

Please make your Donation and then go ingame to the Donation Reward Center via a World Teleporter and create a report on the Donation Report Stone there. Once the Staff Member recieves the report and after the Donation amount is received the EVD's will be distributed to the correct donor. **Please be advised that the Appropriate Staff Member may not be online at the time of the donation but will be ASAP(within 24 hours)**

*Every donation will be awarded with Eternal Vengence Dollars... unless its a DAR item obtainable through a UOEV Staff Member*

Eternal Vengence Dollars (EVD)

This currency is a Donation Appreciation Reward item (DAR). It has NO real monetary value. It can be used to purchase items from the Eternal Vengence Vendor Stone located at the Donation Reward Center. These are also some DAR items obtainable through a Staff Member only... examples below.

*DAR obtainable items through a UOEV Staff Member (no EVD's awarded) : *

2nd account "$5 Donation"

3X Farm Animal spawner "$5 Donation"

Joining of two empty houses/plots "$5 Donation"

Make a Weapon One-Handed "$5 Donation"

Add a NPC to your house "$5 Donation"

Delete the "Reptile Slayer, Lizard Slayer, etc" from a weapon "$5 Donation"

Add Use Best Weapon Skill to a weapon "$5 Donation"

Add Self Repair of 5 to a weapon "$5 Donation"

Moving the luck, skill, etc... from one item to another "$5 Donation"

Custom Title - example: "The Royal Knight of UOEV" "$5 Donation"

Your Very Own Cave "$40 Donation (caves viewable just N of Minoc, Felucca)

Donations via PayPal via a PayPal Acct (create acct, choose Friends and Family)
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