Ultima Online Eternal Vengence

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Defeating Dracovet 

Defeating Dracovet rewards you with two Scrolls Of Valiant Commendation. This type of scroll will permanently raise your overall Stats from 5-25.

 Click the button below to read all the info on how to peform this ritual!

A Flight

This unnatural animal plagues the lands of Felucca... near the Felucca Moongate, in a few towns, and along some paths. It is quite powerful but, can be very rewarding when killed! It has a "random" item on its corpse... an Ancient Urn. Once broken the Ancient Urn summons a powerful,

Tameable Spirit of 4, 8, 16, or 30 hours of life... from The Underworld! After its lifespan runs its course... it'll return to that dreadful place! (their lifespan still runs even if you shrink them.)

Quest Reward System

Every completed quest rewards with Quest Reward Dollars. These dollars can be used to obtain some nice items at the Britain Library in Felucca. Before you enter you must first speak with Verity... the Librarian to become a friend to the library!

The Black Knight Fortress

Arthur ...Lord of Britain wishes the death of The Black Knight King. The Black Knight Fortress is located in Britain, Felucca (Lord British Castle). If you wish to venture to this fortress don't try to get through the front gates... they are locked. Also, there are warriors there that will insult you time and time again and they will surely slay you! But, they will tell you how to enter. "Go Britons!"  Once you have entered you may want to seek out The Lord's Arms (the armory). There are many fierce warriors though that guard this place! When you try to enter the armory you'll have to wait for approval from the king (approx. 1 minute). If you can stay alive it's well worth the wait! The warriors within The Armourer are Arms Protectors. They will have artifact bags on them ever other kill. There is a book there that will explain more in detail. Warning: this can be a very challenging place and remember this is Felucca... which is PvP!
Looking to get your hands on a Quiver of The High Elves ? 
 ...a ruined group of old buildings that have been crudely repaired with what seems to be a few old tents, so the new dwellers at least have roofs over their heads.

Believe it or not, this is actually the only permanent High Elves Settlement in the entire facet of Ilshenar. Also, only a select few carry this special quiver.

Too bad that the inhabitants here really don't like visitors...

The Orc King

There's an Orc Encampment just west, outside The Pass of Karnaugh in Ilshenar. Their abode is dug right out of the mountain side! These orc's like their home the way it is... without you!

Their home is ruled by a ruthless assassin... The Orc King. 

This so called king carries one of many artifacts, which he'll fight to the death to keep!

Peerless Bosses

The Scorpion King, Lady Melisande, Chief Paroxysmus, The Shimmering Effusion, Pyro The Firestarter, Dreadhorn, The Grizzle, & Taurus The Tormented Minotaur. Each dungeon contains a sacrificial item. The sacrificial item will be a basket, a cauldron, a box, a bookbag, or a vase located at the beginning or at the end of each dungeon. Items will be needed from each peerless boss dungeon  to fill the sacrificial item. Once all items are obtained double clicking the sacrificial item will open a  moongate for 30 seconds to the peerless boss lair. Each peerless boss will have a special item on it to give to a questgiver for some nice armor (located at The Quest Center)! Dungeons are located in Trammel, Felucca,  Ilshenar,  & Malas.

Ancient Elven Notes

There is a secret area of The Ancient Elves where "Rare Pets" can be purchased with Ancient Elven Notes (500 each). These "Rare" notes can be obtained at several dungeons in Trammel, Felucca, Ilshenar, and Malas. Dungeons are: Prism Of Light, Bedlam, Palace of Paroxysmus,  Blighted Grove,  Labyrinth, Sanctuary, and Twisted Wield. Only few have actually seen this secret area of The Ancient Elves. One must obtain the Ancient Elven Vase and break it to be teleported to this area! This vase is very rare and only Mr. Bones at Bedlam holds it. Be WARNED though Mr. Bones won't be happy to know that you are trying to take his precious vase!

Nazgull ...Lord of The Shadows

Near Wind, Felucca, on the eastside of the mountains is a Shrine of Chaos. Nazgull ...Lord of The Shadows resides in this small encampment (with his few followers). Once slain he will only return within 24 hours. He owns a "rare" necklace, named The Medallion Of Shadows. It has also been known to rarely find a Powerscroll on his corpse. Beware of the few winged ones that reside within his encampment though.

Mad ...The Hatter

Near Wind, Trammel, on the eastside of the mountains is a Shrine of Chaos. Mad ...The Hatter resides here. He owns a few articles of clothing (as in the ones he wears) that surely many would love to own. But, you probly have some armor his minions would surley love to get. Because, if you die they may rummage your corpse.

The Shrine Of Singularity

The Shrine of Singularity is located in the Holy City of TerMur immediately north of the Tomb of Kings. You can teleport into the shrine through a magical teleporter located in the mountains.

There is a gargoyle that resides there named: Naxatilor... the Seer. To enter The Stygian Abyss one must speak with him first!

Corgul... The Soulbinder

Corgul resides on a mysterious island. To reach him, you must first go to the exit of the second level of dungeon Covetous and Speak with Europa... The High Seas Priestest. Bring her a World Map and a Treasure Map. She being a High Seas Priestest will sacrifice the two maps upon the High Seas Alter... in return she asks for nothing. She will then open a special moongate. You your party can then venture to this mysterious Island. Good luck! Your gonna need it... Admin Zeron.

Medusa's Lair

In order to gain access to Medusa's Lair, you must go to her altar in The Stygian Abyss and collect Medusa's Lair Prism. Once you doubleclick it, it'll tell you that 4 Serpent Eggs of different colors are needed. These eggs can be found in Serpent's Nests nearby. Once obtained doubleclick it to summon Medusa's Lair Passage. Although, you can summon the passage anywhere... the safest place is at the altar. There is a book located there and also in her lair that'll explain things in more detail.

About Us: Alot of time has went into this Server for your gaming experience! UOEV was in the making for more than a year!

       No skills caps, many customs, 150+ Classic/Custom Quests, Stat Caps to 725, PVP is welcomed on all facets... except inside guarded areas of course (the town guards will handle this) or in areas posted!

Your account: You'll be equipped with Base Armor and you'll start with: $7,000 Gold (1st char), a Journal, a Holy Sword, a bag of Training Weapons, a Horse trapped in a Crystal, a Master Storage Pack, a Custom Token/Gold Ledger, a Welcome Book, a +3 Pet Slot Deed (sets followers to 8), and 5 Skill Codex Tokens redeemable at Custom Purchases .

You are allowed 2 houses. 1 account per IP (see Rules). 


 Travel here in UOEV is easy through our World Teleporters. We have several regions which are Trammel, Felucca, Ilshenar, Malas, Termur, and Tokuno. 

 We have lots of custom items. Many of them can be obtained through quests.Visit our 

Quest Center via a World Teleporter, (quest reward items are on display there)


 Here's a list of some of the content at UOEV:

Quest Reward Dollars.


Levelable Weapons.

FireRock Crafting.



[Mystats command.

A Dedicated Player Name System( your player name cannot be used by another player)

Two Guantlet areas: the original located in Doom of Malas and the other located in The Underworld of MalasEV  (the second one being somewhat different).

A Young Player Dungeon (Artifact Tokens and Powerscroll Credits can be obtained here).


A Casino. 
A Training Center.

An Animal Training Center.

Grampa's Swap Shops (a book is located in the Library of Britain, Felucca that tells which towns have these shops).

Two Imperial Ministers Of Trade( a book is also located in the Library of Britain, Felucca that tells where these two can be found).

The Catacombs.

A Black Knights Fortress.

A Staged Token Fortress.

A Knights of The Long Knives Fortress.

Dungeon Purgatory.

High Elves Settlement.

An Artifact Producer.

Custom Champion Spawns.

A Donation Reward Center.

Eve's Hallow.

The North Pole.

A Rune Library.

Custom Taming BOD's

Socket House

Many, many Tamables and lots more!


Ingame currency here is Gold, Tokens, Doom Dollars, Elven Notes, the EV Dollar, and Kudos

The Eternal Vengence Dollar (EV Dollar) is "a Rare Currency" that can be used at the Donation Center. It can be obtained from a Flight and also through Donating.

Artifact Tokens can be obtained in Purgatory and at The New Player Dungeon. Doom Dollars can be obtained at The Gaunlet in Doom, Malas and also in The Underworld of MalasEV. 

Elven Notes can be obtained  in all regions from several different dungeons such as Bedlam, Blighted Grove, Twisted Wield, Sanctuary, The Palace of Paroxysmus, Prism of Light, and The Labyrinth.