Ultima Online Eternal Vengence

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Welcome to Ultima Online!

The world as you know  will soon come to an end ... You will soon enter a new realm... the realm of UOEV!  Players have built lives here! You can build houses and businesses, tame animals, enter into the magical arts, become a crafter, meet old friends or make new ones. As you grow maybe you wanna explore and do quests, we have over 150 quests here. Some can be quite challenging ... they all have with various rewards too! 

Before you can take your first steps into UOEV: you must first download the patcher and install the Ultima Online Stygian Abyss game files! Download below from the Official Site.... don't worry it's Free!

Once you have the game installed you need to add our Login.cfg file to the installation directory(select overwrite). It directs your login to the UOEV Server!

Next  you need to add our Hues.mul file to the installation directory(select overwrite). It lets you see our custom colors!

Download and install UOS below. This is the program used to login to UOEV. Once you open UOS the Launcher Screen will load. Your Ultima Online directory has to be listed in the box under Ultima Online (exa. C:\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Classic), our IP Address has to be listed in the box under Shard (uoev.ddns.net), and list the Port (2593).

**If you get errors when loading UOS then your computer needs the
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)**

All clients are susceptible to a (one time) freeze upon a new account creation. If yours does this just re-login... no big deal

                                                                                      Login to UOEV!

Use UOS  to login,  then make  an Account and a Password. Once you login, type in a unique name for you character  in the box provided(only once). On behalf of our members, our staff, and myself...  Welcome to UOEV and always Have Fun!
                                                                                                                                                     Admin Zeron                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
If you need ingame  assistance we have an Automated Staff System (just click Help on your Paperdoll and type a Keyword from the list) . This system was designed to deal with common questions/problems that players experience. If you need a real life staff member you can always select Live Support and page one. Keep in mind though... a real life staff member may not be available at the moment of your page (if you log out then your staff page won't stay in que).    *The best way to page a Staff Member is to do it through Discord*