Ultima Online Eternal Vengence

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We currently have 150+ Classic/Custom Quests!  The Questgivers for our Custom Quests are located at the Quest Center, also you can see the item that you wish to quest for there too. 

There are also 14 Grampa's Swap Shop Custom Trade Quests (listed in books at the Britain Library, Felucca) and 3 Imperial Minister's of Trade Quests! 

Have fun!


                                                   Custom Harrower Quest - speak with Megara at The Quest Center.

Megara wants 10 Powerskulls. Then she'll open a moongate to The Harrower's Lair. Once there you'll have to step on the altar to summon The Harrower.

Once The Harrower dies no money piles will erupt from the ground here, instead the gold will conveniently be placed as "a Bankcheck for a Ridiculous Amount of Gold" for you and your party members to split (found on The Harrower's corpse).


                                                    Here's a list of the Skull Deeds and which Champions have them:

                                                      Deed 1 - Enlightment or Power: Champion Rikktor, Serado, Lord Oaks, Master Of The Arts  

                                                Deed 2 - Pain or Venom: Champion Mephitis, Semidar, Black Knight King, King Of Camelot

                                                             Deed 3 - Death or Greed: Champion Barracoon, Twaulo, Neira, Grim Reaper

                                                       Deed 4 - Life or Wrath: Champion Meraktus, Ilhenir, Brimstone, Winter Solstice, The Slasher Of Veils 

                                               Deed 5 - Infuse or Terror: Champion Primeval Lich, The Abyssal Infernal, Halloween Champ                    

                       Once you have slain a Champion Spawn there is a Champion Skull Deed on them that'll give you 1 of 2 Powerskulls. 

              *Note* Some Champions add Powerscrolls & Powerskull Deeds to your backpack, while others may leave them on their corpses.

                                                                             Champion Spawn Areas/Coordinates

(1)Rikktor - Destard  (2)Serado in Tokuno - 104' 35'N, 26' 22'W  (3)Lord Oaks in Ilshenar - 45' 21'N, 22' 38'E  (4)Master Of The Arts - 65' 44'N, 61' 35'E, 

(5)Mephitis in Terathan Keep  (6)Semidar - 21' 21'S, 30' 39'W  (7)Black Knight King - Marble Island  (8)King Of Camelot - Cove  (9)Barracoon - Despise

(10)Twaulo - 55' 59'N, 0' 50'W (11)Neira in Malas - 43' 40'N, 73' 28'E (12)Grim Reaper - Doom (13)Merakatus in Malas - 64' 35'N, 17' 43'E

(14)Ilhenir in T2A - 46' 8'S, 51' 12'W (15)The Slasher Of Veils in SA - 82' 5'N, 54' 46'W (16)Primeval Lich - Entrance - Deceit lvl 4  (17)The Abyssal Infernal - Entrance -  Hythloth lvl 3  (18) Halloween Champ - Eve's Hallow (19)Brimstone - Fire Dungeon (20)Winter Solstice -  Ice Dungeon Entrance (east)