Ultima Online Eternal Vengence

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Rules Of Conduct


We strive to provide everyone with the Best UO Gaming Experience around. Thus, we will not tolerate public chat profanity, racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay, or any other hate-mongering philosophies. (Banning offenses)

PVP is welcomed on all facets... unless in guarded areas or in areas posted: PVP not allowed here!


All Bugs/Exploits that you may find must be reported to Admin Zeron. Exploits (a cheat/unfair advantage) that are not reported may result in Account Ban!


If you create a character name that is found to be offensive it will be changed at the discretion of staff. 

  Only one account per IP Address, if another one is needed due to a family member/friend then it will need to be created by a staff member ONLY(subject to staff checks). If you, yourself just want a second account then you'll need to make a one time Donation of $5 to this site. We also strongly advise you to NOT let someone else use your account! Thus, if you do and they do something to get your account banned then it is your fault. 


You cannot loot someone else's kill... if YOU kill it then YOU may loot it.


All aniamls at the Training Centers must be accompanied by their owner. Any animals left alone are subject to be donated to The Underworld!


If you create an account and have not logged onto it within 90 days it will be listed as inactive and be up for deletion.


Advertising for other shards will result in immediate ban... without warning!


*Note* Rules may be changed at the discretion of staff to benifit shard/players as needed.

                                      Without rules we would have total chaos! ;-)