Ultima Online Eternal Vengence

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Support Center

What IS considered harassment?

Harassment consists of continual abuse of intentionally stressing and offending other players. Example: continuous cursing around players when you know that a player is in fact really a child. Another example may be: purposefully trying to disrupt someone else's game through name calling.

What is NOT harassment?

Anything considered a valid play style in the world of Ultima Online is not considered harassment. In other words, player killing and thievery, including res-killing, is not considered harassment. Ultima Online is a role-playing game that encourages various play styles, and players should seek ways of protecting themselves against these play styles instead of calling on staff for help. Example: do not travel alone in Fellucca or any of the EV Facets.

What is physical harassment?

Physical harassment includes but is not limited to any act that causes a players death in Trammel, Ilshenar, Malas, TerMur, or Tokuno.

Ignoring a Player

The "Ignore Player" option permanently blocks all of an offending player's comments, and you can also choose to block certain offensive words through the UO Obscenity Filter. To access these tools, double left-click on your in-game character to bring up your paperdoll, and left click on the 'Options' button.

If you are actually being "Harrassed" try leaving the situation first. If that won't work try paging a staff member to resolve the problem. Last of all: send an email report discribing the whole situation (including everyone's names involved) to Zeron at: [email protected]
UOEV wants to build a strong community that offers a comfortable atmosphere for all players!